Month: March 2013

Childbirth without Fear

My name is Steph, mum to three boys aged 16, 14 & 10 and I am a Birth & Post Natal Doula and Hypnobirthing (HB) teacher. I first learned of the benefits of HB when I attended a birth as a Doula in early 2011. My client was having her third baby and was using HB during the birth process, as she had done with her last two s. She delivered her baby at home, in a calm and quiet atmosphere with no pain relief. She had achieved the birth SHE wanted. It was an empowering experience to be part of and I just knew that this was something I had to learn more about, it truly inspired me. I decided to investigate further and then trained to be a HB teacher with Katharine Graves in May 2011. My personal experience of pregnancy and birth was that the  only childbirth ante natal groups I attended were hospital Parent craft classes  at around 34 weeks of pregnancy. Whilst they were very informative, a lot of the focus was on pain relief options. HB clases are the complete opposite to that. We never focus on the ‘pain’ aspect of childbirth; in fact Mothers that use HB are far less likely to describe the birth of their baby as painful or traumatic, and less likely to request an epidural or other medical...

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A Tragic Story

A local mum has asked me to share this with you all, its a tragic story…please share with all your baby friends to ensure this never happens again…just awful.  “A birth month forum user that I also often use has just had their 7 month old die of suffocation from a nappy sack. The cot was next to the change unit and the baby had pulled themselves up and got to the bags. The bag had got stuck on the babies face causing an almost silent death. It’s such a common danger, babies are attracted to the rustle and the smell of nappy sacks. Unlike carrier bags they don’t have safety holes in them. I myself had a load of them in my nappy bag until today. The link below has more info: I know it’s a bit of a downer, but really made me think about how fragile little lives are, and how quickly they can be lost through something that few people have probably thought about, me included. The Rospa website has lots of information about baby proofing your home. It is so easy to not make simple changes when you’re busy, and I know myself that having had baby number 2 I am not the completely safety conscious, paranoid, kill joy mother I was with baby number one. The key is to baby proof with...

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Feeling the love

People look at me strangely as I walk down the street. I wonder why. And then I remember. There is a little face peering over my shoulder. A baby not in a pram at crotch level but at eye level where everyone can see her. They respond to her smiles and giggles by talking to her, commenting on how beautiful her curls are. This is why I love baby wearing. My baby can see everything from my level and can interact with the world and with me. My son is two and when I carry him on my back we talk about everything that passes us. “Bike brmmm brmmm” he shouts on my ear as he walks up the road to see Granny and Grandad. It’s a lovely bonding experience having your child so close to you that you can kiss them and chat to them as you walk together. It is also useful when your newborn just wants to be cuddled and you need to do the housework and when you have to chase your toddler as he legs it down the street. But carrying your little one isn’t just useful it is wonderful. Try it. You never know you might just love it as much as me. Katharine Grant lives in Chelmsford and has two children aged 2 years and 6 months. She runs Streetlife toddler street...

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