Month: April 2013

Coping with a Fussy Eater

When my son was born, he was huge! 9lb 1.5oz of chunky loveliness. He ate everything, he was on hungry baby milk from about 3 months old, and he started weaning at 20 weeks due to consistent hunger. At around 1 year, he started to not want to eat certain things, he would only eat mush, from a jar. He would’t attempt the food I was making for him, there was absolutely no chance of family dinners. I asked the health visitor for advice which she gave….try eating at the table as a family. Well, we had tried this many times, and it always ended in tears, his of anger and mine through frustration. The mush meals continued despite me offering something different every meal time. We eventually had a break through when he began to eat cheese on toast. Previously he had refused all cheese items except dairy lea. I was ridiculously pleased about cheese on toast! He then took it upon himself to refuse to eat ONLY cheese on blooming toast for over 3 months. He would have his usual breakfast, and then only cheese on toast. Following cheese on toast, he moved onto pasta, and yes, you guessed it, only pasta with the odd piece of cheese on toast thrown in every now and then. A few months later and pasta was firmly off the menu,...

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The Return To Work

I had always enjoyed my work and building a career, I had plans to continue my studies…and then something changed, I became a Mum! From the moment I laid eyes on my little one, the hustle and bustle of the office was the last thing on my mind, I was happy to embrace the ‘baby brain’. After a year of being completely absorbed in milk feeds, nappies, vomit, sleepless nights (all of the nice bits!) and of course Mummy networking, baby groups and soft play, seeing my little one’s first roll, first wean, first crawl and first steps (my darling daughter was on the move at 6 months and walking at 9 months, I hadn’t expected that!), it was time to return to work. My husband and I had decided I would only return part time, so I went through the channels and completed the paperwork to make a Flexible Working Application, which was declined! I was distraught, how could this be?? Surely I could return part time, my employer had to say yes, this of course was not the case! As we were not in a financial position for me not to return to work, it was with a heavy heart I decided to return full time and my little one was put in full time childcare. The evening before I returned I was a quivering wreck, there...

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Starting Big School in September

Many parents will now have received much awaited news…the Primary School their little one will be attending in September! Lots of children can’t wait to start school, but even for the most confident of four year olds, it can be a bit daunting. Here are some ideas to help your child through the first day. o Be positive. Your approach to your child’s first day will guide their feelings. o Hopefully you’ll have visited the school before your child’s first day. Talk about their new classroom, their teacher and things like where they leave their coat and lunchbox etc. o Talk about friends or other family members who have recently started school and about what fun they are having. o At home, point out the structure and routines in a day – “Let’s have our lunch now, this is the time you’d be having your lunch at school too.” o Practise doing up buttons and fastening shoes, but don’t worry or pressure him if this proves too difficult (reception class teachers are used to helping children in the early days) o Help independence by practising social skills, such as taking turns, making choices and following directions. o Help your child to recognise his name – they may be able to recognise the first letter or even the whole word. o Read to and with your child each day encouraging...

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