As the great British summer continues, we’ve put together 8 fun indoor rainy day activities for kids that will keep the whole family entertained until the sun finally reappears.

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are fun no matter where they take place. Create a set of clues that will lead your child or children to the ultimate treasure. The clues can be adjusted according to your child’s age (for very young children, they could be a simple as “Find your favourite teddy bear”) and then sealed in small envelopes to make them more exciting. The prize could be anything from a small toy to a movie night with the family.

DIY Bubble Bath

Get ready for a junior foam party. This recipe makes bubbles galore. Simply take 240ml of your favourite liquid soap, 180ml water and 1 teaspoon of glycerine and mix in a bowl – even little ones can help with this. Pour under running bath water and enjoy!

Visit a Museum

Now that many museums in the UK are free to enter, they are a great way passing a wet summer afternoon. Aside from the big London venues, most towns in Essex have their own small museums that are well worth a visit. You can find a full list on the Museums in Essex website.

Fizzy Lemonade

Make your own fizzy lemonade style drink with this experiment. Take one lemon and squeeze as much of its juice as possible into a glass. Add an equal amount of water, then stir in one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. The acid in the juice mixture will react with the bicarbonate to create carbon dioxide (CO2) bubbles. If it’s a little too sour, you can sweeten the mixture with sugar.

Sock Puppets

One thing that can be found in every household is single socks. Gather up all the socks that have lost their pairs and make puppets using whatever materials you can find. If you have socks of different sizes, make a whole sock family. When everyone is finished, your creations can be used to put on a puppet show – record it on your phone or camera to make a memorable family movie.

Card Games

Playing cards may have taken a backseat to computers and tablets in recent years, but most people still enjoy a good card game. Both Snap and Pairs are timeless classics for young children and suitable for multiple players. You can find more card games ideas and rules here.

Scrap Paper Crafts

Use old magazines and newspapers to make collages or papier-mâché balloon masks (dip strips of paper into a thick mixture of flour and water. Cover an inflated balloon in a couple of thick layers of the paper and leave to dry. Pop the balloon, then cut and decorate however you choose).

Instant Quicksand

Make sure you protect your floors for this activity as it can get messy. Mix 120g cornflour with around 120ml water in a large container until the mixture has the consistency of honey. Once it’s ready the fun can begin. If you stir it slowly, the mixture will be like liquid. If you mix it quickly, it will become very hard and will grasp objects tightly. Voilà, instant quicksand! (Avoid pouring this mixture down the drain as it can cause a blockage. Dispose of it in a bin, ideally in a sealed plastic bag if you wish to prevent the chance of leakage).