A cafe owner in Australia initiated a heated debate for not tolerating unruly children in her establishment.

Posting a message onto her business’ Facebook page, Jodie Morris, owner of The Little French Café in Broadmeadow, near Sydney, New South Wales, stated that if parents were in need of an area for their children to “run rampant and annoy other customers,” then her café was “not child friendly”.

“However, if you would like to bring your children here, and they are happy to sit at a table with you, whilst you enjoy a coffee, and are well behaved, then please come in,” she wrote.

The owner’s comment received a backlash of complaints, with parents saying it was “arrogant” and an “attack on parents,” with one parent stating the café had “just alienated a lot of people”.

The Facebook post has since been removed but owner Jodie Morris says business is better than it’s ever been: “Everyone’s said oh you’re going to lose so much business but we’re the busiest we’ve ever been”. Other parents support her opinion, with one mother claiming there is “nothing ruder” than a parent who allows their child to misbehave in public, while others believed the café would “probably get more custom” from its refusal to accept the behaviour of unruly children.

In response to the controversial post, Ms Morris claimed that it was taken “completely the wrong way”.

“I have been subjected to children emptying salt and pepper shakers into my fireplaces, parents changing nappies on my loungers, kids grinding their own food into my carpet, parents sitting babies in nappies in the middle of dining tables, kids running around the café like it’s a Formula 1 track, jumping on the furniture, screaming – just for fun – not pain, and encouraged by their parents, upsetting the rest of the customers and I’d really just had enough”.

As a single parent, Ms Morris said she had “scrimped” every penny to put into her café, which she is “very proud of”.

“When I have to stand there and watch people disrespect and damage my belongings and property, it breaks a piece of my heart every time. Some will agree with my stance, some will not, but it’s my stance for my business”.

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