Healthy eating and exercise may play an important role in our children’s development, but could the time of year they are born also give them an advantage in life?

Researchers at the University of Essex studied 8,000 children and found that children born in the autumn are physically stronger and more able than children born at other times.

A boy born in November is likely to be significantly faster and more powerful than one born in the spring, possibly because of increased vitamin D exposure from the sun in late pregnancy.

Dr Gavin Sandercock, who led the research, said: “We know autumn babies tend to be bigger but this is the first time anyone has found this might lead to being fitter. The major problem for children born in spring and summer is as well as being relatively younger than children in their school-year it also seems they have a real physiological disadvantage too.”

Have you noticed a difference in your autumn born baby? Is your November toddler more psychically capable than his siblings were at the same age? Should schools take this research into account? Please share your views by commenting below.

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