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Baba and Boo recently sent Essex Baby some Baba and Boo Mr Fox reusable nappies and charcoal inserts for our product review team to try out. We passed them over to one of the mums in our review team, who tried them out and has written a review. Take a read and see what she thinks!

Product Description and Price

The Baba Boo gift set is available in several different choices. The nappies are designed to fit babies from approximately 8lb right the way through to potty training. The popper system grows with the baby so that the nappies can fit right from newborn up to the age of three years old. Each nappy comes with two microfiber inserts. The pack also includes a matching t-shirt and free gift wrapping. £19.95The super-absorbent nappy inserts have five layers made up of two layers of charcoal bamboo and three layers of microfiber. They are a popular addition to Baba and Boo’s pocket nappies due to their anti-bacterial properties and they are also great for absorbing any smells. £3.95

Why do you want to recommend this product?

The gift set is a great fun product. It is ideal for a new mum or even as birthday present. We are just starting to potty train our child and the pocket nappy is very easy to take on and off a wiggly toddler! The nappy can easily be fitted when our toddler is standing up, which makes life easier. The fleece lining is super soft next to the skin and stains easily wash off this material. The pocket makes it easy to tailor the nappy according to your child. I used mine with one microfiber insert and one of the charcoal inserts (sold separately). The pocket gives parents the option to add more inserts if needed. The long sleeved t-shirt is a great addition to the matching nappy.I made the switch to reusable nappies several months ago and was excited to try a new type of insert. The combination of different materials makes this a great all round insert. The micro fibre quickly takes moisture way from the skin, whilst the bamboo fibres absorb the bulk of the wetness and the charcoal absorbs any unpleasant smells. I found my son stayed much dryer with these inserts than other inserts I had tried. I even found, after a night’s sleep using the charcoal inserts, that his nappy contained the urine and had not leaked, and the skin on his bottom was nice and dry preventing any rash. The product is versatile because it gives parents the option of how many inserts to use.

Essex Baby Rating:


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I give this product a 4/5. It is a great all-round reusable nappy and inserts set, both slightly bulkier than some others that are available but I would definitely buy and recommend them in the future.

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