Baby2Body is changing the way you access and digest content related to your pregnancy and early motherhood journey.

It’s the solution for the modern mother; by leveraging the use of technology and recognizing how to cut through the noise in an overly stimulated world, Baby2Body has created a resource that seamlessly integrates personalized, healthy living guidance into your busy life. That means you can say goodbye to hours spent scouring the web to find the answers you’re looking for, because the information you need to know is delivered to you, exactly when you need it.

The 21st century’s answer to the pregnancy mag

Every day’s content starts with detailed insight into your baby’s current growth, but the experience really is all about you as the mother. The experts behind Baby2Body promote optimizing mum’s health firstsupporting the notion that health starts with you and that happy, healthy mums make for happy, healthy babies.


The content is digestible, actionable, and targeted to your unique lifestyle needs from the start of pregnancy and through your first three years of motherhood. They focus on four different aspects of your lifestyle: psychological wellbeing, fitness, food, and a section called look, which covers everything from beauty products to skincare and even fashion choices. 

So how can you access this content? You have two options – sign up for Baby2Body’s existing email subscription service or download their new iOS app, which features a more integrated and engaging experience. When you sign up you’ll get immediate access to the free content, which is daily for pregnancy and weekly if you’re a new mum. The sign-up process couldn’t be simpler: input your first name, baby’s due date (or date of birth), and your email. From there, you’re automatically placed into your stage of the content journey – whether it’s 160 days to go in pregnancy, or 2 months and 3 weeks into your new baby’s life – it’s pinpointed to your needs.


The free version comes with an update on baby’s development and two tips for you, taken from two of the four content buckets. The premium journey, available on the app, takes the learning experience even deeper. The idea is ‘know more, worry less and give your baby the best’. Every day comes with an assortment of recipes, videos, articles, infographics, audio podcasts, and more to help enhance your healthy living – so you know what to do, why you should do it, and how to go out and live better.

The premium journey includes everything from step-by-step exercises, to meditation and visualization podcasts, to checklists and reminders, all personalized to your timeline. Right now Baby2Body offers premium for all of pregnancy and the first 6 months of motherhood.


Baby2Body began in early 2015 as a London-born company and now they have almost half a million women subscribed to their service from all over the world. Next steps for the company include building on the app experience to allow for greater user personalisation and wearable integration, more interactive capabilities with the content itself, and a solution for ‘tell me what I need to buy when I need to buy it”.

Baby2Body is all about combating the notion that pregnancy is something that happens to you – instead they want to make the journey about you. It encourages taking an active role in pregnancy so you can look and feel the way you want to, and be your healthiest and happiest self. With their positive and empowering tone, easy-to-read tips with actionable takeaways, and dedicated focus on the mum, Baby2Body is positioned as one of the new lifestyle solutions for the millennial mummy.

For more information, you can visit the Baby2Body website here.