May is National Share-A-Story Month, a national celebration on storytelling and sharing so as to encourage reading to children.

In honour of occasion, Dreams’ Sleep Matters Club has teamed up with award winning book charity, The Reader, to launch a new bedtime story finder.

Fed up with reading the same old stories? This interactive tool allows users to browse through the collection of 150 books, which have been split into categories to help parents to quickly choose the right story for their child.

As well as being organised into categories, each title has been given an age-range suggestion to guide parents towards books that may be most suitable for their children.

Once users have found a book that they are interested in, they will be shown a link to the book at a local library.

bedtime story finder

Dr Jane Davis, Founder and Director of The Reader, says: “Nationally, more than 22% of children rarely or never read a book in their own time. Yet we know that people who read for pleasure not only do better at school but are also more creative.

“It’s so important and we’re delighted to have been able to collaborate with Dreams on a site that we hope will help parents and carers find the perfect book at bedtime to enjoy together. Chosen specifically by our staff who are out reading with people across the UK every day, we’re hoping this makes finding the right book a little easier and also provides plenty of fun!”

The charity says that its aim is to connect people with great literature through shared reading. They run weekly groups that bring people together to hear stories read aloud. With no pressure on participants to read or even speak, the books can instead be enjoyed by anyone as a shared thought and experience.

Here’s link to the Bedtime Story Finder: