A father has praised two passengers who stepped in to help his wife as she unexpectedly gave birth at Purfleet train station.

Dorothy Igniboza, from Purfleet, had walked to the station with husband Fred after going into labour a day before her due date.

The couple were hoping to catch a train to the hospital when a taxi failed to arrive.

Mr Igniboza, 40, said: “We had been at the hospital earlier that day for a blood test and come back home. We were not expecting the baby until today so both of us were surprised when the waters broke at home, whilst my wife was cooking.

“I was a bit nervous and called the ambulance but they said they could not bring her now. I said it will be too late – there were no medical facilities around, and I could see my wife was on her way.

“I told my wife I was going to call a taxi but none were coming, so I said to my wife, let’s take the train.

“We went to the station and I was looking for a taxi and my wife sat inside the office. I was so scared.”

When it became apparent that Dorothy, 36, was about to give birth, passengers Jenny Hay and Maria Kachalla, rushed to her aid, along with c2c train staff.

Suprise birth at Purfleet train station

birth at purfleet station

Credit: Stephanie Strong / Echo News

Jenny, from Ealing, said: “I was waiting for my train at 16.03pm when I saw this lady was in pain so I offered to help. It was clear the baby was on its way. There was no way she was going to get into a taxi.

“A 999 lady was on the phone talking me through it – and I guided the baby out. I saw the head was coming so I had to hold onto it so it didn’t fall on the floor. I was hoping the ambulance would come.”

While Maria Kachalla supported Dorothy’s head, Jenny supported the baby as she was born.  She then used her jacket to little Esther warm until the ambulance arrived.

Proud dad Fred added: “By the time I got a taxi the baby had already arrived! I was like wow! It’s been delivered! It was just a miracle.

“I just thank the c2c service and the passengers who behaved like a medical service. The ladies were not professionals but they behaved like it. In my heart I can’t compare how much they mean to me. It’s so amazing – it’s like something in a movie.”

Both mum Dorothy and baby Esther were taken to Basildon Hospital, where a spokesman reported that they were “doing fine.”


Source: Stephanie Strong / www.echo-news.co.uk