A husband has created an excel spreadsheet detailing his wife’s reasons for not having sex with him.

The document, which includes excuses such as “I’m exhausted”, “I feel gross” and “You’re too drunk”, went viral after his wife decided to share it on the networking site Reddit.

The woman claimed her husband sent her the spreadsheet while she was on a business trip, then cut off all communication with her.

Opinions on the spreadsheet have divided internet users, with some sympathising with the husband, while others have suggested his wife is to blame.

An Elle reader said: “You can be intimate in other ways than just having sex. If he just wants sex from her but doesn’t treat her well the rest of the time, he doesn’t deserve to get it. If he’s a great guy who she just married for his money or because she was comfortable. .. then he’s in the right. Not the right way of going about it though. A little ridiculous. Be a man and speak to your wife.”

But one Telegraph reader commented: “Regular and frequent sex is one of the biggest reasons for a man to marry. She can’t ignore it, if she wants him to stay.”

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