Emma Downie, full-time mum to Elsa (2yrs) and founder of Milk & Mummy, stylish online breastfeeding clothes boutique, shares her tips for breastfeeding in style:

  1. Regardless or not of whether you own nursing clothes, think about how you’re going to feed in your clothes before you leave the house. This might sound obvious but I know a few mums who got caught short out and about and had to find a changing room to feed in as they had to remove their entire dress to feed their baby
  2. I’m bound to say this but it’s true: breastfeeding clothes will make your life simpler, so invest in a few. It doesn’t have to be many items; just one fabulous everyday dress and a couple of flattering tops can make a huge difference. They might seem expensive at first, but when you consider how intensively you will wear them when you are breastfeeding, the cost per wear is actually quite reasonable. And beware, not all nursing clothes have fuss-free nursing access. Test the nursing access before you buy and make sure it’s easy to operate one-handed!
  3. Accessorise! This is the cleverest way to update and revitalise that top you seem to wear most days! But avoid dangly jewellery for obvious reasons. Scarves are fantastic for nursing mums. They brighten up an ordinary outfit and can also give you some extra modesty when feeding in public. A bold, statement ring looks great and can also be a reminder of which side to feed from next – just swap it to your other hand after a feed. If you wear bracelets go for stretchy ones or leather cuffs as they are softer around a newborn.
  4. I found a breastfeeding cover a great safety net when having to breastfeed in public. I was so nervous the first few times, but this gave me the confidence to just get on with it. You can buy them in some really pretty designs and they double up as a muslin for your baby, and a clean surface to lie them on. I simply had to sell these on Milk & Mummy! My favourite is our olive dots breastfeeding cover as it’s the most versatile and won’t show marks.
  5. Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure, whether it’s from a friend, or better still a nail bar. Shellac treatments are perfect as they’ll last for at least two weeks and will withstand your constant handwashing. Then if all else fails with your wardrobe, at least you’ll have beautiful nails which will go some way to helping you feel more polished! You’ll be getting plenty of presents for your newborn so you really shouldn’t overlook treating yourself!

Why not visit Emma’s website – www.milkandmummy.com┬áto see the fabulous collection she has on offer.