Putting together a Christmas Eve box full of goodies has become a popular festive tradition in many households. As if the night before Christmas wasn’t exciting enough, now kids and grownups alike can look forward to opening a box packed with little treats.

If you’re planning on making a Christmas Eve box this year, we’ve come up with a list of items that will bring a touch of extra magic to your family’s evening.

New Pyjamas

Wrap them up warm with some new pyjamas. Just looking at this Christmas Reindeer Fairisle Romper from John Lewis makes us feel all snuggly.

christmas eve box

Story Book

You can’t go wrong with a Christmas-theme book to share with your child. We love The Jolly Christmas Postman by Janet and Alan Ahlberg. For toddlers, how about Dear Santa by Rod Campbell?

christmas eve box

Christmas Activity Book

An activity or colouring book will help pass those long hours until the Christmas Day – and hopefully a few hours after! This one is Christmas Sticker Activity Book is aimed at children age 0-5 years.

christmas eve box


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Christmas Crayons

A new pack of crayons is a low cost option for your Christmas Eve box. Alternatively you can splash out a little more on this assortment of shaped crayons from pickle.co.uk.

christmas eve box

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

Warm their cockles with a delicious cup of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows (and whipped cream, if you’re feeling really indulgent). You could present it as ‘Snowman Soup” like these bags made by Etsy seller MakeItSweetUK.

christmas eve box

Bath Goodies

Help then unwind by including some relaxing bath products in their Christmas Eve box. One fun option is this Reusable Bubble Bar by Lush.

Cosy Socks / Slippers

Another practical addition to a Christmas Eve box is a pair of cosy socks or slippers. These grip-sole owl socks from sockshop.co.uk are suitable for babies and toddlers up to 18 months.

christmas eve box

Letter from Father Christmas

Everyone loves getting a special letter from Father Christmas! This one was delivered by classicsanta.co.uk.

christmas eve box

Magic Key

Add a copy of Santa’s Magic Key as a lovely keepsake gift. Here’s an example from thechristmasshop.co.uk.

christmas eve box

Family Game

Family board games come into their own at Christmastime. If you have a young child, make sure they can join in the fun with an age-appropriate option like this one from Orchard Toys.

christmas eve box

Christmas Bell

Made popular by the bell featured in Polar Express, a large Christmas jingle bell could be a lovely addition to your Christmas Eve box. This one is from gettingpersonal.co.uk.

christmas eve box

Christmassy Movie

Wind down ready for the big day with a Christmas movie. Younger children might prefer short films such as The Snowman, or perhaps a family-friendly classic such as The Muppet Christmas Carol.

christmas eve box

Reindeer Magic Dust

Fill an organza bag with sparkly magical reindeer dust that can be sprinkled before bedtime. It may look like oats and glitter to the untrained eye, but your little one will know better. You can also pick some up online, like this one from B Line Bespoke.

christmas eve box

Santa Plate

Little ones love leaving a snack out for Santa. A special plate reserved especially for the big man himself will make the tradition even more special. We love this personalised plate from Letteroom.

christmas eve box

Cosy Christmas Blanket

Cuddle up under the Christmas lights with a cosy blanket, such as this red penguin blanket from Peacocks.

christmas eve box

Cuddly Toy

If you don’t already have more soft toys than you can count, a small cuddly Christmas friend will fit nicely in your child’s box. This one is a Bashful Polar Bear from jellycat.com.

christmas eve box