As summer draws to a close (whilst we’re still wondering whether it actually ever started!), many families will be reminiscing over their holiday pics from that week in the sun!  Some however, may have opted to stay on home soil this summer, and with the variety of special offers on late city break deals, have saved their spends for a weekend getaway.

Whether you’re planning a leisurely lunch in London or a break in Barcelona, we all know, taking a little one away for a weekend can call for plenty of advanced preparation!

So we’ve come up with a few tips to help ensure you and your little traveller have a fun and stress-free weekend…

Road Trip

If you’re travelling within the UK, considering taking the train.  One of the great deterrents for family trips is the nightmare of long car journeys! If you book in advance, you can make some great savings on national rail journeys.

If you do opt for a road trip, ensure mini passengers travel in comfort.  A Booster Seat not only ensures safety, but will keep little bottoms cosy on long drives.

If the sun is shining, a back seat can quickly become hot and stuffy. Keep the glare off little faces with Sun Roller Blinds which can easily be fitted to the windows to keep them cool and comfy.

If you’ll be travelling into the late hours, consider that little ones will need their 40 winks. A Neck Pillow will keep them comfy enough to have a snooze without waking up with a stiff neck or compromising their safety in their seat.

See The Sights

Plan out what you intend to do with your weekend. Not only will this allow you to do as much as possible in the time you have, but also plan effectively to cater for little travellers.

Make a beeline for child-friendly museums and galleries. Every major capital city has a landmark museum that both you and the children will enjoy.

Make their obsessions work for you: whether it’s trains, animals, parks or palaces. Indulge them, and you’ll find you reap the benefits (also useful as a negotiating tool – I’ll go to your favourite place if you’ll come to mine!).

Make up a travel pack of crayons, pens, stickers, paper and colouring books which you can whip out at any point when entertainment is required – a great way to prolong your leisure time in restaurants, cafes or on journeys. A backpack will allow little ones to carry their own essentials, whilst doubling up as reins to keep them from wandering too far.

If you’re heading further away from civilisation, consider toilet facilities. A leisurely stroll out in the hills is great, until the call of nature arrives! The My Carry Potty is a handy portable potty, perfect for afternoon outings when you may get caught short!

A Bite To Eat

Eating out with a little one can be a challenge when it comes to busy restaurants, high chairs and flying food!

Pack a bib (and a spare), plenty of wipes, some books or other distractions, a sippy cup and snacks (in case nothing on the menu appeals to baby).

Make sure baby is dressed for the environment so they are neither to hot nor too cold (as they will let you know otherwise, as well as everyone else!)

Take baby’s milk with you.  Cafes aren’t required to warm up milk, though the nice guys will be happy to oblige. If they refuse, just ask for hot water! If you’re abroad, ensure you know the phrases for requesting these – otherwise baby may become hungry whilst you struggle with the lingo!

Tot Seats are an ingenious invention (made by a Mum don’t you know!) for keeping baby in place whist out for a bit of nosh. The soft fabric fits to any type of chair, in case of a lack of highchairs or a fussy chair-particular baby.

For toddlers, the Bubble Bum Booster seat folds up to fit into a handbag (yours, or tots!) and can be used in the car, or to boost little bums to table height!

Wherever you’re headed, a bit of pre-preparation will have you set and ready for seeing the sights! Don’t forget to send us a postcard!

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