Hello, this week we are making a bird feeder using a milk carton!

You will Need:

  • An empty milk carton (any size) with lid on
  • A small pair of sharp scissors, such as nail scissors.
  • Acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • A twig or stick
  • A small piece of wire or string to hang it up


1. First an adult needs to thoroughly wash the milk carton and peel off any stickers.

2. Next we need to cut a large square hole in the middle of the carton. This is best done by an adult, using a pair of scissors to first pierce an initial hole, and then cut from here.

3. About 2cm underneath the large hole we pierce a small hole, large enough to poke a stick through tightly, this will be a perch for the bird to sit on whilst feeding.

4. Finally we pierce small holes just under the cap, on each side, this is where we pass wire, or string through in order to hang it up.

5. Now the fun part! Paint your bird feeder in any colour you like, start with a thin base coat. Allow this to dry, and then do a second coat.

6. On top of your base coat paint lots of colourful patterns and dots so it looks pretty hanging in your garden.

7. Once it is all dry, poke a stick or twig through the small hole at the bottom.

8. Pass wire or string through the holes at the top so that it can be hung up.

9. Finally fill it with bird seed, sit back, and wait!