Today we will show you how to up-cycle all your empty jam jars to create beautiful storage containers for pens and pencils.

You will need-

  • Glass Jar
  • Scissors
  • book/magazine for collage
  • patterned paper
  • PVA glue & glue stick
  • ribbon (optional)

1. Make sure the jar is nice and clean, any sticker residue can be easily removed using hot soapy water and a scrunched up ball of tinfoil.

2. Cut out a strip of your patterned paper to fit all the way around the middle of the jar

3. Use the PVA glue to stick this paper to the glass

4. Choose some images from an old kids book or magazine

5. Carefully cut out these images and stick to the jar

6. Finally, add a strip of ribbon… and maybe even a touch of glitter!

Next time – Learn how to make wooden spoon people!