It’s the label that once defined the perfect mother and housewife. But now new research has shown that even the most average British woman should be entitled to supermum status.

The study conducted by life insurance provider Beagle Street found that the average mum in the UK spends 32 hours doing 23 different professional jobs in their household every single week.

From family chef and personal assistant, to counsellor, waitress and dog walker, British mums could be earning an extra £17,582 a year if they were being paid the average industry rates for each task they complete.

Mums might perhaps be forgiven for being a little annoyed at all the unpaid work they take on every day, and yet the study also found that 97 per cent believe that being a parent is the best job in the world!

When broken down into regional brackets, mums in London were found to spend the most amount of time working at home each week (42 hours).

In comparison, mothers in the East of England spend just 22 hours a week on the most common mum jobs – the lowest amount of hours in the whole of the UK! Maybe East Anglian mums are a bit better at delegating…

Matthew Gledhill, Managing Director at life insurers Beagle Street, said: “Mums may not get a big cheque at the end of a week for everything they do, though the reward is not the money but the people their children grow up to be.”

Want to see how many unpaid working hours you’re clocking up each week? Click here to take the test now and find out whether you’re being short changed.

Here’s the full list of the 23 most common mums jobs, and the average amount of time we spend on them every week:

  1. Cleaner (180 minutes a week)
  2. Chef (174 minutes)
  3. Housekeeper (138 minutes)
  4. Counsellor (114 minutes)
  5. Personal Assistant (108 minutes)
  6. Teacher (90 minutes)
  7. Author / story-teller (78 minutes)
  8. Waiter / waitress (78 minutes)
  9. Doctor / nurse (72 minutes)
  10. Taxi driver (66 minutes)
  11. Sports coach (66 minutes)
  12. Barista (66 minutes)
  13. Accountant (54 minutes)
  14. Judge (54 minutes)
  15. Gardener (54 minutes)
  16. Dog walker (54 minutes)
  17. Painter / decorator (48 minutes)
  18. Plumber (42 minutes)
  19. Stylist (42 minutes)
  20. Party planner (36 minutes)
  21. Travel agent (36minutes)
  22. Seamstress (30 minutes)
  23. Hairdresser (30 minutes)