Essex Baby Review

If you’re a new mum or a mum who wants to refresh her memory about looking after babies, read our latest product review about the Essential Baby Care Guide.

Product Description and Price

The Essential Baby Care Guide is a four DVD set, with eight hours of visual material. It provides expert advice about looking after babies from Professor Robert Winston (who also narrates the Guide), UNICEF, the Royal College of Paediatrics, St Johns Ambulance and more.
Professor Robert Winston describes the Guide as “The Encyclopaedia Britannica of baby care…”
All the subjects needed to look after your baby are covered from breastfeeding to development, from sleeping to introducing solids.

It is currently available in all John Lewis stores for £29.99, from Tesco – or from the website

Why do you want to recommend this product?

This DVD set is a must for any parent, and not just new parents. It covers every baby related topic you can possibly imagine – Breastfeeding, Formula Feeding, Introducing Solids, Care, Health, Development, Sleeping, Massage, First Aid and Safety. Broken down into four DVD’s which are clearly marked so you can find the relevant section, the Guide provides extreme details on areas such as everyday care and accident prevention. The DVDs are extremely useful to watch prior to your baby arriving but also afterwards, for those days when you just need a helping hand. For example if you were struggling to breastfeed it’s great to have someone explain what you need to do from scratch just to ensure you are doing it right as it’s so easy to be caught up in the struggle. The DVD even goes into detail about latchment, highlights possible issues and shows demonstrations. I love the fact that the guide doesn’t discriminate against a form of feeding and covers both avenues in equal detail. Robert Winston has a great ability to make you feel at ease with the topics covered and removes the feeling that certain things are just “known”. From personal experience, not every health professional you come across will give you an unbiased view and you can come away feeling like you know even less! By covering items such as food storage and hygiene, natural care and all other areas the Guide really does make you feel in control and capable. The Guide would make a great baby shower gift for any new parent; I know I would have loved to have received something like this!

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I give this product 5 out of 5. I know any mummy friend of mine, myself included, would have been delighted to have received this as a gift knowing you have a helping hand at any moment. It serves not only to assist new mums but to jog the memories of all those mummies second or third time round! A gap in the market has definitely been filled!

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