These gift ideas are great for the foodie who will appreciate them for both their culinary use and quirky style.

Spanner Cheese Knife

spanner knife

Add some motoring style to your dad’s dinner with this spanner cheese knife!




Guitar Chopping Board

guitar chopping board



Strike  a chord with any guitarist!






Egg-splode Egg Cup and Soldiers

egg cup



Why not make Dad a breakfast he will never forget in the awesome tank egg cup, with accompanying soldier-shaped soldiers?





The Razer Peeler!


This great gift is not only a novelty, it makes light work of peeling the veggies!





50Fifty Condiment Dispenser


Get Dad geared up for those summer BBQs with the perfect condiment dispenser! Go all out with either one sauce or two… choose your dip and shoot from the hip!





The Spaghetti Western Spaghetti Measure


spagetti measure


Help Dad get meal times just right with the Spaghetti Western Measure to get those portions perfect!






Home Run Oven Glove

home run oven glove


Say good bye to the humble oven glove and get ready to play ball with these practical heat resistant gloves that look like the authentic leather baseball mitts.





Barbecue Tool Set

bbq tool set


Featured on Channel 4’s Stephen Fry: Gadget Man! This BBQ tool set comes in a canvas holder and is made from high quality ash wood and stainless steel making it an ideal gift which Dad can treasure for all future BBQ seasons!





BBQ Cooking Guide Apron

bbq apron


Not everyone can be king of the BBQ without a little practice, so here is the perfect stylish aid to creating that sizzling summer BBQ. The Tips and Cooking Times should help keep any disasters at bay!