Camp fires, den building, mud pies – Forest School is the modern method of learning that reconnects children with nature. And now a new book is about to make it even easier for parents to take their kids on outdoor adventures.

Over the past 10 years, primary schools and nurseries across the UK have embraced the Scandinavian approach to education. The research behind the Forest School label suggests that when set free in a woodland settings, children develop their practical and social skill and grow in confidence.

But beyond Forest School organisations, how can parents help their children interact with the great outdoors? Short of swotting up with Bear Grylls, the next best option might involve taking a look at this new Forest School book, Play The Forest School Way.

Written by Jane Worroll, an ex-countryside ranger, and Peter Houghton, a trained Forest School leader, the book is full of outdoor activities, game and crafts for parents and children to share. Want to know how to forage for food, or learn how to make a bow and arrow? This is the book that’ll make you look more clued-up than Tarzan.

To give you a little taster of what you can expect from the book, here is an activity sheet that provides instructions for a scavenger hunt and how to make mud faces.

forest school bookforest school book

Play The Forest School Way is intended for parents, carers and teachers to use with children from preschool to primary school age. The activities have variations built into them so they can be adjusted to different age groups, and there are ideas for both lone children and bigger groups of kids.

Helpfully, this forest school book is also made to withstand the typical British weather conditions, so you can safely take it out with you on your adventures without the pages dissolving.

Play the Forest School Way: Woodland Games, Crafts, amd Skills for Adventurous Kids is available to buy from Watkins for £12.99.

Feeling inspired? You can also find a list of local, officially recognised forest schools on the Forest School Education website.