Now that your baby has started weaning, you have an extra person to consider when planning family meals. Trying to come up with yummy and fun weaning ideas can be a challenge, but it’s worth making the effort as it’s these first tastes that help define a child’s future relationship with food.

A survey carried out by baby and toddler food brand Organix found:

  • 63% of mums find it stressful to think up different foods for baby to try
  • 57% say it’s a challenge to encourage little ones to try a wide range of tastes

To help parents put the fun back into food time, we’re going to share some handy weaning ideas that we came across this week.

Lucy Thomas, Organix’ children’s food expert, created these simple activities that will help introduce babies to new taste sensations!

If you like a good vid, here is vlogger Charlie O’Brien putting some of them to the test with her son Noah:

Lucy’s fun weaning ideas

  • Finger popping purée: have some fun with pots of fruit puree (Organix do some lovely ones) and explore new tastes and textures at the same time. Dip your fingertips into the pot so they’re covered in the brightly coloured purée (Apple & Blueberry is naturally bright), then suck the purée off your fingers with a loud popping sound followed by a big smile. Then help your baby to do the same – if it’s easier, pop a spoonful of purée on the tray of their highchair for them instead.
  • Matching pairs: match a purée with a finger food, such as carrot purée with a soft cooked carrot baton or an Organix carrot stick. It’s a great way to offer the same vegetable in lots of different ways for baby to try without complicating the flavours. And it’s great for their fine motor skills too!
  • Tiny taste explorer: offer your baby small taste experiences throughout the day. Try a lick of the lemon slice, a sprinkle of cinnamon on their apple purée, a hint of curry powder in their parsnip mash, or a pinch of nutmeg in some Organix banana porridge.
  • Mirror image: babies are fascinated by their reflection, even though they can’t recognise themselves yet. Hold a mirror in front of them whilst they’re eating or holding a finger food. This is a great activity when you’re introducing something new – watch how their expression changes!