Kerry Woodley was prepared for a long labour at home, but baby Bella had other ideas.When Kerry went into slow labour on the 17th June following a sweep (where a midwife or doctor sweeps their finger around the inside of the cervix to try to separate it from the baby’s membranes), it was impossible for her to guess how dramatic her little girls entrance would be.

After spending a day labouring at home, Kerry called Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford at 12.30pm on 18th June to tell them that her contractions were now coming every 5 minutes and lasting 60 seconds. As this was her third baby, they advised her to make her way to the hospital to be examined.

Following checks at 2.30pm and 4.30pm, staff told Kerry that her baby would be another 12-48 hours and sent her home to rest with morphine for pain relief. Less than 6 hours later it was time to head back to the hospital.

Kerry picks up the story: “By the time we got to the Fortune of War roundabout, at Laindon, I could feel the baby pushing down. My husband put his foot down and, as we went up the A&E ramp, I screamed for him to stop outside the maternity unit.

“I crawled over to the maternity door, pushed the buzzer and said the baby is coming NOW!”

“My husband helped me onto the floor, we took off my trousers and two pushes later – out she came. Bella Grace Woodley was born at 10.52pm.”

Despite little Bella’s sudden arrival, both mum and baby were fit and well and the family were able to return home by 5.00am the next morning.

“I think we nearly gave the poor man who was standing outside A&E having a cigarette a heart attack,” laughs Kerry. “He soon did a runner when my trousers came off.”

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