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Are you worried about losing your child or you handbag being snatched when you’re out and about? The Goldbug’s Harness and Mummy Clip could just eliminate the stress of future outings.We passed them to one of the mums on the Essex Baby product review team. See what she thought below.

Product Description and Price

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The Mummy Clip is the only way to get around in ease with kids, any time, any place. It is the handy, convenient way to shop or travel with kids when you have lots to take with you, besides the tots! Price:£5.99






The Harness Buddy is a cute way to keep kids safe in public places, functioning both as a harness and backpack. Price: £19.99




Why do you want to recommend this product?

The Harness Buddy comes in over 20 styles so you can choose the most appropriate for your child; it’s more a case of not being able to narrow it down than not being able to find one they love!  It is absolutely essential for when children are starting to walk and wish to be “let loose”but we all have the worry of turning around and finding our child missing. It is also for the older child who, whilst they are independent enough to walk and follow instructions, those busy towns or shopping centres normally have my tummy in knots whilst I keep an eye on him and allow him to explore.

The backpack lets them feel grown up carrying their own bag (something mine insists on!) but means you can securely keep them within your reach.  Whilst the back pack itself doesn’t have a huge opening, it is exactly the size you need.  If you filled it you wouldn’t be able to place it safely on your child.  It is the perfect size for them to carry their own snack and maybe a little favourite toy –this is my child’s favourite bit as he truly felt grown up!

The harness itself is very soft and places the straps in the right areas on the child so I never felt like it was digging in and as the strap adjusts it grows with your child.  The buckle and rein come apart so it can be used as a regular backpack but knowing the reins are there for those emergencies!  The best bit is that the “tail”is 3 foot long meaning they have plenty of length to explore without feeling like they are being held back but as a parent you know how far they can go.  With it also being machine washable it’s a great product, my son loves to wander around with it on in the house so it’s become a permanent fixture!

As for the mummy clip, I’m not sure how I managed without it!  I am forever turning around searching for my bag and wondering if it’s safe and secure whilst also making sure the child isn’t wandering, adding in the baby brain that still exists and usually i’m frazzled after a 2 hour shopping trip! Knowing that I have put my bag on the buggy and popped it through the mummy clip really takes away the additional pressure.  I also found it extremely useful in supermarkets where I always pop my handbag/change bag onto the holders in front of trolleys, I took my mummy clip in and secured my bag safely, lots of mums commented on what a fantastic idea it was!

Essex Baby Rating:


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I would give both of these products 5 out of 5.  Goldbug have really found a niche market to enter with the products they sell offering a small range of extremely high quality products made to the highest standards to keep our children safe.   It’s great to see a company selling a small amount of high quality products rather than having a huge range that doesn’t seem to tick all the boxes.  I am looking forward to seeing the products released in the future.

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