Halos and Horns recently sent Essex Baby a range of bath time products to a member of our product review team. One of our team tried the toiletries out with her children. Read the product review to see what she thought. Do you use Halos for Horns? What do you think?

Essex Baby Review

Halos N Horns have designed a fabulous range of bath time products, which are not only gorgeous in design but also gentle on a child’s skin.

Product Description and Price

Halos N Horns is a lovely range of bath time products for children. Halos N Horns fruity-smelling, funky coloured shampoos, conditioners and body washes are all formulated to help you take good care of your little ones’ skin, and to help get even the busiest toddler into the bath. Use these fruity toiletries without worrying. Made with natural conditioners and plant derived cleansers and none of the ingredients that commonly irritate delicate skin, Halos N Horns products are safe and gentle.

We tried the Shampoo, Conditioner & Baby Wash all priced at £2.10 each. We also tried the Baby Moisturising Lotion, priced at £3.59.

Why do you want to recommend this product?

I have used a few different brands of baby baths and baby shampoos and have to say that Halos N Horns is the best by far! The different products smell amazing, they do not dry out my child’s skin and more importantly they do not contain have lots of nasty chemicals. They do not produce lots of bubbles which my children normally like, this is as a result of having less chemicals.

The Halos n Horns range is quite expensive but I believe the toiletries are worth the price.

Essex Baby Rating:


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I give these products a 5/5 as they are fabulous. I have recommended them to a few of my friends whose children have sensitive skin and they have told me that they have been great for their kids too!

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