A Harlow mum is attempting to raise £2,000 in order to sterilise her home and ease her toddler’s severe skin condition.

Louise Spiller, 22, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help her afford the costs of redesigning her flat to create hospital-style living spaces, with wipe down surfaces, walls and flooring.

Louise’s daughter, two-year-old Tillie, suffers from a severe form of eczema which causes extremely inflamed and itchy skin.

The toddler’s condition is serious enough to lead to regular hospital visits.

Louise, who lives Spring Hills Tower, Harlow, explains: “This little girl… spends her time fighting a constant battle against extremely inflamed and extremely itchy skin.

“Sometimes she’s so self-conscious that she won’t leave the house, and in so much discomfort that even putting on clothes is a struggle to her.

“Having the most precious thing in your life in so much pain and discomfort and feeling powerless to take it all away, is truly heart-breaking.”

Aside from the every day discomfort, severe eczema carries an increased risk of skin infections.

Although eczema can improve over time, treatment and precautionary measures can only help to reduce the symptoms of the condition.

Louise said:  “They have put Tillie on medication called prednisone which really lowers her immune system for a few weeks and then she will get weaned off of it.

“While she [is] on this medicine it can be dangerous if she comes into contact with chicken pox.

“But on the plus side while she’s on the medicine there is a big improvement in her skin, but as soon as she comes off it her skin will go back to how it was before.”

Louise intends to replace the carpets in her home with thick linoleum flooring that will make it easier for her to remove the allergens that trigger her daughter’s condition.

She adds: “This can minimize contact with dust and reduce her irritation and allergies as proven when she’s hospitalised, calming her condition and reducing the visible red inflammation and in turn keeping her out of hospital.

“I appreciate this is no small task at hand, however to reclaim Tillie’s childlike sense of wonder, to see her smile and to know I have reduced her pain is worth everything and more.

“Will you please help me make this little girl’s life whole again?”

To give a donation to Tillie’s fund, visit http://www.youcaring.com/other/help-tillie-get-relief-from-her-pain/274197