Essex Baby Review

These pouches are so quick and simple to use. The packets are small which means they can be taken anywhere and slipped in anything, even your handbag. You can squeeze them straight onto the spoon to feed the baby or into a bowl to warm it up. They come in various flavours, savoury and sweet, and are for different ages too. My son loved them.

Product Description and Price

Heinz Baby Pouches contain baby food ranging from cereals for breakfast, hearty main meals, to deserts, snacks and drinks. The Heinz website describes them as food with “a variety of textures and nutrients for every stage, such as calcium for strong bones and iron for healthy brain development”. The prices range from 89p to £1.19

Why do you want to recommend this product?

The Heinz Baby Pouches are so convenient to take on a day out because the only other things you need to take are a bib and a spoon. They contain at least one of your children’s five a day so are healthy too. The pouches also come in different textures which is great as your little one’s taste develops.

Essex Baby Rating:


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I give them 5/5. I don’t see how feeding on the go could be easier.

Where to buy:

Sainbury’s, Asda, Morrison’s, Tesco’s, Boots and