Natasha Hamilton, pregnant star of pop group Atomic Kitten, has attracted a new kind of media attention after stating that she intends to eat her placenta once she has given birth to her fourth child later this year.

The singer, who has previously suffered from postnatal depression, hopes that the reported health benefits of consuming placenta will help prevent the condition from reoccurring.

Natasha, 32, said in a BabyCentre blog: ‘I initially felt pretty squeamish about it all, but once I heard the benefits for the mum I really wanted to do it.

‘For those of you who haven’t heard about it, it is where your placenta is taken away after birth, it’s dehydrated and ground into a coarse powder and then placed into small capsules to be taken as a daily supplement.

‘I was told this would help replace lost hormones more quickly, help to fight against post-natal depression (PND) and also boosts milk supply.

‘The messy, gross side is taken away and you are given a daily vitamin, this appealed to me far more than adding raw placenta to a smoothie to be honest.

‘And I didn’t fancy bringing my own placenta home in a Tupperware box and having to dry it out and chop it up myself!

Actresses January Jones and Alicia Silverstone have also admitted to eating their placenta after giving birth.

Would you consider eating your placenta? Have you done so in the past? Did you feel it helped your recovery? Please share your thoughts by commenting below.