At one time or another we have all looked into our wardrobes and despaired. It can be hard to put together outfits that help us look and feel great, especially when we’re juggling one or more kids, household chores and maybe a job, too.

But despair no more! Our latest blogger and fashion stylist Angie Poplett is ready to help you with some great advice and top suggestions. In her first blog, Angie introduce herself and her business and explores the trap of ‘uniform buying.’

How it all started

I’ll start by asking a few of questions… How many of you have a full wardrobe, but have nothing to wear? Do you wear the same things over and over again? Have you created a uniform for yourself? We’ll come back to these.

I’ve always styled in the fashion industry, first of all it was windows and mannequins for various brands across the UK, and even setting up new stores across Europe. It was exciting times and great fun moving from store to store meeting new people. On one occasion, I was covering one of the other girls and was visiting her Canary Wharf store when I felt someone staring at me on the tube. She wasn’t staring a bit, I mean really looking me up and down to the point when everyone was starting to notice and then she came and sat next to me…. “I like what you are wearing” she said. A bit shocked I said thanks and went to carry on reading my book. “Where is that from? All one shop?” I explained that my outfit was from different stores (I still remember what I was wearing) and again turned to read my book. “Will you take me shopping?” I looked at this very smart obviously professional lady and said, “Yes!”

I never took her shopping, but it gave me the incentive to start my own business and that was 10 years ago in February next year – the 14th to be exact!

Having spent time learning about body shape and colour, I made the move to dressing humans instead of mannequins. So, if you are attending a wedding or an event I can help you with finding the perfect outfit for you. This doesn’t always mean fashion, just the right shape and the right colour for you. I also love working with every day wardrobes – you know when some one looks really stunning, but without looking like they’re trying too hard. This doesn’t always involve a lot of shopping, some people have it all in their own wardrobe so they just need the inspiration to put it all together. That’s where the wardrobe detox comes in.

So back to those questions…. We tend to trickle feed our wardrobes and don’t think about how to put things together i.e. we buy weekly at the supermarket. Imagine if you did all your grocery shopping that way? You’d throw a lot out as, without the meal planning we normally do, some of it would go off. What a waste of money! We also repeat purchase – if someone says you look great in something, you then get comfortable and look to find something very similar, but different enough so you’re not wearing the exact same thing all the time. That’s your uniform taking shape!

To discover how to avoid the pitfalls of ‘uniform ‘ buying and other common wardrobe mistakes, check back soon for Angie’s next style blog.