An advertisement for Nestle’s SMA Toddler Milk has been banned due to breaching the code on health and nutrition.

The UK Advertising Standards Authority received a complaint concerning an email sent from UK supermarket Asda that promoted the product. According to the advert, cow’s milk was low in iron and vitamin D compared with the SMA formula.

This promotional statement questioned whether the comparisons between SMA Toddler Milk and cows’ milk should therefore be listed in the annex of the EU health claims. It also argued whether the ad implied cow’s milk to be nutritionally inadequate and that health could be affected by not consuming SMA Toddler milk.

In response, the giants Asda and Nestle disagreed, stating the advert did not promote SMA Milk as superior in nutrients, but to recommend children have three servings of dairy per day.

However, the advertising watchdog ASA stood its ground and said the “overall implication” was that health could be affected by not consuming the product and ruled the ad should be banned in its present format.

But in defence of its product, Nestle told just-food today: “Dietary surveys in the UK have consistently shown that toddlers are lacking vitamin D and iron in their diets. We believe that fortified toddler milks are one of a number of dietary means by which young children can get these key nutrients to achieve a healthy balanced diet, and we feel this was appropriately reflected in the advert. However, we take note of the ASA’s decision and will comply with their findings in future advertising of our toddler milks.”

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