To help you out as you find your way with your new baby, here are some things you might need, and some you might never know you need…until the need arises…

Please note…this is by no means an exhaustive list, just some things that I found useful with my two, and you might find useful too…

Nappies: Yes, it’s a given, but nothing can prepare you for the amount of these that you will go through in the first few weeks…whether you’re using disposable or reusable nappies, make sure you have plenty to hand!

Cotton wool: So many uses…great for the first few nappy changes, and for topping and tailing when you don’t have the time/inclination for a bath.

Baby wipes: I didn’t know, until I had children, how many things a baby wipe was useful for…other than nappy changing, I have used them to clean food from faces, as well as from clothes etc, to clean up wax crayon off laminate floor, and a number of other things. Honestly, you’ll be amazed!

Nappy bags: If you’re using disposables you may go through a fair few of these…and let me tell you, there’s little or no difference between the supermarket ‘value’ ones and the more deluxe ones (other than the price). So go for the cheaper option and save yourself some pennies. They’re also good for bagging up wet clothes when you’re out and about, so you don’t have to make everything else in your bag wet too!

Teething gel/powders: I know you won’t need these to start off with, but trust me, when you want them in the middle of the night, you’ll be glad you have some in the house!

Saline nasal drops: These are great for that first cold…I remember being at the out-of-hours doctors at some ridiculous hour of the night, because my youngest had started screaming and wouldn’t stop…and it turned out he was yelling because he couldn’t unblock his nose. They gave me some of these as he was too young for anything else and although he hated having them put in, they did mean we had a more restful night, and were able to get some sleep. Another thing to have in the cupboard for that ‘middle of the night moment’

Calpol (or shop’s own equivalent): Have some to hand for after your baby’s immunisations…you might not need it, but it’ll be there if you do!

Muslin Squares: Ideal for mopping up all sorts of baby-related fluids, and just to have
around in case.

Infacol: An alternative to gripe water and can be used from birth. Good for helping babies bring up wind if they are struggling.

Tea tree oil: Pop some in your bath post-birth…a great natural antiseptic!

Some luxury bath/shower foam for you: Once you’re feeling up to it, a nice relaxing bath or shower with some lovely things is just the job to help you feel half human again.

Obviously, there are loads of things I haven’t included that you might want or need, but hopefully this will give you some ideas.

Written by Jenni Ribbits, mum to Glenn, 5 and Thomas, 2