Halloween is a great time for enjoying craft activities with children. One of our favourites this year has been decorating this Paper Mache Pumpkin from Hobbycraft.

This project was ideal for a rainy afternoon after a trip to pick up our real Halloween pumpkin. Our little helpers couldn’t wait to paint the paper creation and put their own unique stamp on it.

Decorating a Paper Mache Pumpkin

What You Need

Mache Pumpkin base
Paint (we used orange ready mixed)
Decorations of your choice e.g. sequins, glitter, stickers, stencils

How to Make

1. Take your Mache pumpkin base and paint it any colour you like. My little helpers wanted to stick with the traditional orange. If you don’t want any of the brown from the base to show through, it’s a good idea to give it a coat of white first.

Paper Mache Pumpkin

2. Once the pumpkin is dry, it’s ready to be adorned with the decorations you have chosen. You could also draw or paint a design onto the pumpkin – here are some ideas to get your creative juices following.

Paper Mache Pumpkin

My little helpers wanted to cover their pumpkin in Halloween foam stickers taken from this assorted Halloween party platter.

paper mache pumpkin

3. Now your pumpkin is finished, it is ready for you to display. The handy hole located in the back is perfect for filling with sweets or placing an LED tealight inside to give your pumpkin that familiar spooky glow!