It’s perfectly natural for expectant dads to worry about becoming a father for the first time. Swollen ankles, mood swings and a growing baby bump can be daunting enough, but what about when the baby finally arrives?

As men become increasingly involved in pregnancy, birth and parenting, the Expectant Fathers Programme (EFP) offers UK dads-to-be and carers the opportunity to reflect on the impact that having a baby will have on them and their lives.

The EFP focuses on building men’s confidence in their new role, providing them with useful information on topics such as child development and baby budgeting. The programme also supports new and expectant dads as they learn practical baby-care skills such as bathing and dressing.

The one-day Saturday course costs £45 and runs at various locations across the UK, so get in touch with the organisers to find a venue near you.

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