My name is Lyndsay, I’m a married mum of four! I have three sons aged 10, 7 and 17 months, and a four year old diva, sorry, daughter, who most definitely rules the roost!
My husband is self employed and I’ve been a stay at home Mum for the last 5 years, still undecided as to whether I love or loathe it! It’s definitely not easy, there’s never the time for coffee mornings in Starbucks, sometimes just being dressed in something other than pyjamas for the school run is an achievement.

We’re not the richest of families, we pay our mortgage and our bills, and sometimes have enough left over to buy something exciting. (baking trays were my last very happy purchase!) I am becoming an expert at food shopping and cooking on a budget, and at leading the children to believe the coco pops they’re eating are in fact coco pops, and not choco puffs from asda. Of course I wouldn’t do that.

As well as being a full time Mum, I’m also a full time carer. My second son was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. He attends a special needs school and requires full time care and supervision. He is extremely clever and has a talent for art and trampolining, but also likes to eat coal, pee on the carpets and create lovely concoctions out of soap, shampoo and toothpaste which he then paints his body and the walls with. Life with Luca is a roller coaster of hysterical laughter and hysterical tears!  I will fight loud and hard for the rights of children with disabilities, as I feel that our current level of care and education is drastically failing to help our children reach their full potential, and unless you stamp your feet and shout, very little is offered to families in the way of support groups, information, behaviour management, counselling, and just generally making you feel you’ve got someone to turn to when things are getting on top of you. It’s something I am looking in to changing, however all the response I get at the moment is the dreaded “f” word. Funding, and a lack of it!

I often get called a “weird hippie type” because I’m a huge advocate of breast feeding, baby led weaning, baby wearing, attachment style parenting. I don’t believe in smacking or the cry it out to make them sleep methods, but understand why others swear by them! Our style of parenting works for us and I’m glad we chose it, and while I can happily rave about the gentle child led approach to parenting, I try to do it in such a way that is not judgemental toward parents who use a different style.

I love to bake. Sadly I’m terrible at it. I always blame my oven.

I’m an avid reader, I think my husband may feel like my kindle is the third person in our relationship.

We are a family of animal lovers, we have a cat, Mosi, 2 guinea pigs, Maude and Cynthia, and a psychotic hamster called Princess Sofia. My daughter named her.