A baby who was born three months early survived after doctors put her in a Tesco sandwich bag to keep her warm.

Pixie Griffiths-Grant weighed just 1.1lb (0.5kg) when she was delivered by emergency C-section at 28 weeks.

The baby was rushed to intensive care and placed inside the clear plastic bag to prevent her temperature from dropping dangerously low.

Mum Sharon Grant, 37, who gave birth in Plymouth, Devon, was told that her baby was unlikely to survive long after she was born and might not even live through the birth.

Sharon was taken to Derriford Hospital after her baby, named Pixie due to her small size, was found to have stopped growing inside her.

Sharon said: “We were told this awful news, so it was a really stressful time. I did not know if she was going to survive.”

sandwich bag

Credit: Sharon Grant

In order to safely deliver Pixie, doctors lowered Sharon’s high blood pressure by playing songs by her favourite artist, Ben Howard.

“When I got to Derriford my blood pressure was really high so they put on Ben Howard to help bring it down.

“There were 10 doctors dealing with Pixie and they put her in a sandwich bag straight away to keep her warm.”

Despite her rocky start, Pixie, who was born in May, is now at home with her family and weighs 7.5lb (3.4kg) – the average size of a newborn baby.

Sharon adds: “It’s amazing because we couldn’t even imagine her being there.”

The use of plastic bags to prevent hypothermia in premature babies has become increasingly common after a study in Zambia found that they provide an inexpensive way to prevent life-threatening heat loss.