Could this cute baby be the next sports superstar? Former Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington has already taken her six-week-old water baby for three dips in the pool and says there will certainly be more to come.

The gold-medallist has spoken to Hello! Online about little Summer’s first swimming lesson and her experience of new motherhood – and confessed that giving birth was tougher than her sporting achievements.

“It was absolutely brilliant,” Becky, 26, said. “You never know how babies are going to react but Summer was absolutely brilliant in the water. When we first bathed her, she just screamed the whole time so I was a bit worried but now she loves bath time.”

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Becky and husband Harry Needs first took little Summer swimming when she was just three and a half weeks old, but have since taken her for two more sessions in the water.

water baby

Credit: Instagram/beckadlington

Becky comments: “That’s the one thing I was so excited about, taking her swimming and buying the costumes. She can’t do much at this stage – we can’t take her to the zoo and she doesn’t really play with toys yet – but swimming is the one thing she can do and we can all do it together as a family.”

Speaking about new motherhood, Becky admitted that despite having to make the same major adjustments that every parent must go through, she is really enjoying her little girl.

“It’s amazing how you love your baby straight away,” she said. “You can’t really explain it, you can’t describe it. People spoke to me before about unconditional love and that you’ll do anything for your baby, but you don’t really realise it until it happens to you. It’s bizarre because you don’t know them and they don’t know you but you just love them so much. It’s absolutely amazing.

“It’s definitely been life-changing but I guess it’ll change when I go back to work, when Summer starts nursery. You have to accept that life will never be the same again but that’s what’s so exciting.”