Weaning your baby onto solids? Our reviewer looks at the latest version of the Vital Baby 2 in 1 Steam and Blend, a handy device for homemade weaning foods.

The multi-award winning weaning brand, Vital Baby, recently launched the brand new 2 in 1 Steam and Blend. The clever gadget has a steam cook function and can then be used to blends fruits, vegetables, meat and fish in one bowl.

Product Review

I have been pleased with my 2 in 1 steamer and blender. It saves a lot of time preparing baby food. I especially like the fact that the two functions can be used separately if you want to prepare finger food for your baby. I like being able to blend to a lumpier consistency by simply changing the number of times you press the blend button.

The machine doesn’t take up too much room and is simply designed. There are no fiddly buttons to get gunked up with food either!

So far it’s been easy to clean as it goes in the dishwasher. The only slight down side I’ve found is that the lid is quite stiff to get in place, but it may loosen up as I use it more regularly.

The Vital Baby 2 in 1 Steam and Blend has a RRP of £69.99 and is available from: www.vitalbaby.co.uk