Ever wondered what you’d buy for your child if money were no object? We’ve taken a few moments to envision what it would be like if we blew it all on some seriously expensive children’s gear:

Elsa Peretti fork and spoon



Meal times often get messy when you have a toddler around, but can you imagine watching £200 of silverware being launched across the room every morning, noon and night? If that sounds like your idea of a good time, you can purchase this Elsa Peretti® Open Heart Fork and Spoon Baby Set from Tiffany.




Silver Cross Aston Martin Edition



If you’re feeling flush and want to splash out on a new pram, this work of art could just fit the bill. The Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition gives you all the luxury of James Bond’s favourite wagon, but in the guise of a pram system. At £3,000, you may even want to take it for a ride yourself.




Gucci baby bag



Love Gucci? This could be your dream nappy bag. This Gucci Messanger Diaper Bag is only £690 and includes a fold-out padded changing mat. Wow! The only problem is, once you’ve bought it, you might not be able to afford any nappies to go inside. Sorry, baby.




Burberry bibs


Let’s talk about bibs. You know, those things that are intended to soak up dribble, runny food and puke. If you have a baby and haven’t already stocked up, why not spend your hard-earned cash on these three beauties from Burberry? They’re machine washable and made of cotton, so that surely justifies the huge £95 price tag.





Pirate Ship Playhouse



Make your child’s dreams come true with the Red Beard’s Revenge Pirate Ship Playhouse, retailing at a mere $52,000 – over £34,000. And if that seems a bit expensive, at least it looks big enough for the whole family to sleep in. Who needs a mortgage, anyway?




treehouse bed



When a normal bed just won’t do, make sure you invest in this stunning creation from French designer François Lamazerolles. At £1,549, this tree house bed is a fun – but expensive – bedroom hideaway.





Diamond dummy

This is the dummy all of Hollywood is talking about, apparently. Made with white gold and 3 carats of diamonds, what baby could be seen around town without this dazzler from Personalised Pacifiers? Selling for a bargain price of $17,000 – just over £11,000 – make sure you snap one up before they’re rushed off the shelves.