Parents at an Essex school were left angry after teachers banned pupils from eating items such as scotch eggs, a decision which has now been reversed.

Complaints were made to teachers at Cherry Tree Primary School in Colchester after items were confiscated from some children’s lunchboxes on the grounds that they were unhealthy.

All removed items were then returned to the children at the end of the day, with a note explaining why they were not permitted to eat them.

The Colchester school found itself at the centre of a row after seven-year-old Tori Laws’ had a Peperami sausage removed her lunchbox.

Peperami tweet Essex schoolAfter the story made national news, Jack Links, manufacturer of the savoury snack, tweeted an image of its Peperami Animal alongside the slogan, “Hey teacher, leave that kid alone!” The image was accompanied by a message that read: “Cheeky Essex school nabs Tori’s Peperami… lunchbox envy no doubt!!”

While staff confirmed that certain items were confiscated in line with its “healthy lunchbox policy,” a few parents questioned why some ‘unhealthy’ snacks were banned while the school still includes sugary deserts and chips on its own lunchtime menu.

A spokesman for Cherry Tree Primary School said: “The health and wellbeing of our pupils is of paramount importance to us.

“Our healthy lunchbox policy has been in place for some time and the majority of parents are very supportive of it.

“The decision to take additional steps to ensure all pupils are adhering to the policy was taken following feedback from parents and as part of our continued efforts to make improvements to all areas of the school.

“All school meals we serve comply with the government’s school food standards, as required by law.”

Despite its initial strong stance, the school has since issued a statement announcing that it has decided to stop confiscating food from children’s lunchboxes, saying: “Reminders and well done slips have instead been issued.”

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