I was so excited when I had a delivery of a big Silver Cross Pioneer Box. I got everything out of the box straight away. Everything was very easy to identify and assemble. We started off with the newborn carrycot. I loved the design of it and it is a lovely soft fabric although it is quite narrow, considering it is meant to be from newborn to six months! As I thought my baby grew out of the carrycot by four months, it was just getting far to snug in there for her to relax and as the weather has been getting hotter it was just far too narrow in there. I moved to the adjustable seat unit from then on, which was a lot roomier.

I liked that I could still have my baby facing me as she was still quite tiny to be sitting. I reclined the seat so she was leaning quite far back which she seemed to find very comfy. Now she is sitting up a lot better I had the seat more upright which is great as it is very roomy so she is able to look out and see everything easily.


The straps are very simple to fasten, adjust and undo. The hood is a good size and on sunny days it really keeps the sunshine out. The apron is easy to fit and is very cozy. I have used the rain cover quite a few times, it is very easy to put on quickly and keeps my baby and everything else completely dry inside! The shopping basket is a great size, on days out when I have needed to take lots of supplies I can easily fit everything comfortably in. The pram is very easy to fold down and put in the car. It ends up being very compact and not taking up hardly any room and again it is very simple to unclip and spring back to being upright again. The pram is very comfy to push as it has a lovely leather covering along the handle, it is fairly light and stable.


I find the cup holder a little pointless, although it is good having a bottle of water handy without having to dig around in the basket, it sticks out to the side quite far which means that it gets caught going through any spaces. Access to the shopping basket is slightly impeded when the carrycot is fitted but not enough to make it unusable. The only other thing I have found is that when the wheels are not locked and I go down a curb, it occasionally jams with one wheel facing the wrong way resulting in us coming to an abrupt halt!