Babies love bathtime! A good soak in the tub, rubber ducks and some social time with mum! If you’re new to bathing baby, Safety Sian has put together a few tips to help you enjoy this time safely…

Get the temperature right

Babies lose body heat quickly, especially when they’re naked, so before you get started, crank up the heating and get the bathroom toasty and warm. Have some soft, fluffy towels to hand and something comfy for baby to wear once they’re out of the tub.

Fill the bath with cold water first, adding the hot water secondly to make it comfortably warm. Test the temperature with your elbow or the inside of your wrist (these areas are more sensitive than your fingertips so will give you a more realistic feel for the heat). Keep baby’s clothes on whilst you fill the bath, to prevent them from getting chilly whilst they wait.

Take a dip

Slide baby slowly and gently into the bathtub to allow them to get used to the water. You may find it awkward at first – babies can be slippery, though you’ll get the hang of it quickly enough. Ensure you support them with your hand, or a baby bath seat to stop them from sliding about or taking a nosedive. Keep a hand on them at all times and no matter who knocks/calls/text/email… never leave baby unattended in the bath.

Squeaky clean

Babies don’t need expensive lotions and potions (plus who wants to mask the natural smell of Eau De Baby?!). A mild baby shampoo will do the trick, or a handful of baby soap worked into a lather. Watch out for drips in the eye area and be sure to rinse well to prevent soap from drying the skin!

Rinse and dry

Use clean, warm water for a final rinse, then pat (don’t rub) baby’s skin with a soft dry towel. Be sure to thoroughly dry between the toes and any other areas where there are folds of skin (chubby babies can have a lot of those!) These areas left damp can irritate little ones and cause dryness. Again, no need for lavish moisturisers or skin serums, and be careful with using powders, which can irritate baby’s sensitive nose and lungs if inhaled.

Once your little one is squeaky clean, cuddle up in a cosy bathrobe and a blanket to keep them snug and warm as they drift off to sleep. Ahh…