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Hello Home starbright toddler bed from World’s Apart offers children the chance to say goodnight beneath a moon that really shines. Our Essex Baby reviewer puts it through its paces with her 17 month old.


The StarBright Toddler Bed is a warm and friendly looking bed aimed at children between the ages of 18 months up to 5 years. The bed features protective panels to prevent nighttime tumbles, which can be removed to create a story seat for mum or dad. It also has a built-in moon night light and twinkling star projections that help little ones feel secure.

Reviewer’s Opinion

I have tried out the StarBright Toddler Bed with my little girl. She was 17 months when we decided to move her into her own bed. For starters, the StarBright Toddler Bed was very easy to put together, which was great as my daughter could then help and be involved with the making of her new bed. A mattress isn’t provided so we invested in a quality mattress (requires a 140 x 69 cm mattress).

Secondly, it looked great, with a large cloud-shaped headboard and cosy built-in night lights. These things definitely made it an inviting option rather than too daunting, although I would have prefered to have a choice as to when the night light switches off as the set 15 minutes isn’t quite long enough for us.

Thirdly, I think the protective sides that fold out into a story seat are a nice touch and will come in handy later as a bedside table for drinks, books, etc.

All these factors combined have meant that my daughter’s transition into her own bed went very smoothly indeed. She has slept brilliantly.

Essex Baby Rating

We have rated the StarBright Toddler Bed a whopping 4.5 out of 5, simply missing out on a 5 as we felt it could have a little more colour. We would recommend this bed to other mums and dads!

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