While traditionalists will be happy sticking with sugar and lemon (fresh, obviously), there are a whole host of tasty fillings out there waiting for you to try.

To get you started, we’ve come up with a range of pancake filling ideas that we’d love to see served up on Shrove Tuesday – or any day, actually!

Sweet pancake filling ideas

Lemon curd and mascarpone cheese

Banana slices and toffee sauce

Chocolate spread and sliced strawberries

pancake filling ideas

Ripe pear and honey

Cranberry sauce (with lemon zest and a big squeeze of orange juice for an extra kick)

Mango compote and vanilla ice cream

pancake filling ideas

Chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and slivers of toasted almonds

Fruit and ice cream or cream

Peanut butter and jam

pancake filling ideas

Apple sauce and fresh raspberries

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Savoury pancake filling ideas

Tuna mayo

Spinach and ricotta

pancake filling ideas

Chicken pieces and fried mushrooms with cream cheese or crème fraiche

Cottage pie or bolognaise filling – finish off with a sprinkle of cheese and a minute or two under the grill

Pizza sauce, mozzarella, and your favourite pizza toppings

Garlic mushrooms

pancake filling ideas

Chucky salmon and Hollandaise sauce

Smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill

Roast butternut squash and blue cheese

Smoked meats and salad veg

pancake filling ideas

Roast mediterranean vegetables with crumbly feta cheese

Brie, grape and walnut

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