I was keen to try the new Taf Toys Playful Sun Shade after finding the more traditional umbrella sun shades tricky to successfully keep my baby out of the sun. The shade can be fixed onto a pram, stroller or car seat and has 50+ UPF with UVA/UVB protection.


The Playful Sun Shade has numerous useful features. Firstly, I found that it really does keep baby out of the sun. When crossing roads and changing direction I was not having to keep adjusting it like a sun shade umbrella.

It is very versatile and fits well on my Quinny pram and also Maxi cosy car seat. However I haven’t tried it on the buggy yet. The rings enable me to easily attach or remove it to get baby out of the pram.

The mesh window means I can easily see what my little one is up to without having to remove the whole shade.
Additionally I found that the sun protection in the material stops the inside of the pram heating up like it does when you hang a blanket over the front.

An added bonus is that my baby seems to love the three little windmills which dangle on the inside!


There are very few! The main thing which I found a pain is that when it is windy the shade flaps around at the sides. It could do with an extra ring on each side to secure it so the sun cannot sneak in around the edges. Although pegs would do the job!

The shade comes in a pouch which is shaped as a cloud. The idea being it sits on the top when the shade is in position. Although in reality it flops forward and is slightly pointless. However this does not alter how well the shade works.

Overall I have found Taf Toys Playful Sun Shade really useful, easy to use and a time saver. Invaluable in the recent heatwave!