Even very young children can get involved in the kitchen. Here are some top tips to help you teach your toddler how to cook.

The best start

I was lucky enough to grow up with a mum that cooked at home so I was always watching her in the kitchen, helping out and then as I got older started to experiment with various recipes using my family as taste testers!  Cooking is a life skill that unfortunately does not always get taught at school so children must learn this at home to develop healthy habits.

I believe the key to healthy living is knowing how to cook as this puts you in control of what goes into your meals, plus you are most likely using real food as ingredients rather than manufactured food products that have been engineered by men in white coats in a secret laboratory.

Involving babies and toddlers

As my bubba becomes a toddler I am excited to see that he has the same keen interest in what mummy is doing in the kitchen that I did.  When he was younger I would sit him in a bumbo and talk to him about the food I was using, what I was doing with it and how it was good for you.

your toddler

Nowadays my son joins me in the kitchen daily and loves helping out with preparing our meals.  He will throw a banana into the blender, taking the obligatory first bite of course, turn the blender on and pass items from the cupboard.  There have been a few mishaps with eggs on the floor, getting a soaking from the tap and a big mess to clean up yet none of this matters as he is learning that food is fun and cooking is part of what you do.

If you too want to create the right habits early on, why not try some of the following activities with your toddler and have them help you in the kitchen by:-

  • Adding ingredients to a smoothie
  • Buttering a slice of toast
  • Stirring ingredients in a large mixing bowl
  • Mashing potato with a potato masher
  • Using hands to rub butter into flour if making a crumble
  • Spooning ingredients from jars, such as jam or peanut butter for toast
  • Kneading dough for bread
  • Adding their own toppings to pizza dough
  • Choosing ingredients for a meal
  • Helping to unpack the groceries


About the author: I’m CJ and I’m extremely passionate about creating wellness for expectant mums and bumps from pregnancy to those early days and into toddler time via nutrition, exercise and lifestyle coaching. I am here to share my expertise with you so you can take charge of your body, your mind and your life. Visit my website to discover how I can help you.