Hi my name is Marilyn, I am a mother to two girls, from two different life times!  Their ages are 42 and 24 – so, as you can image, it felt like a life time apart from being a new mum the first time to second – and how the world had changed in that 19 years! Not only in my life but in the world of parenting…

I am a hypno/psychotherapist, so my day job is helping all sorts of people with difficulties in their lives, from anxieties to phobias (couldn’t think of anything problem beginning with Z!).  But my passion is and always has been women; their bodies, their minds and their babies, so I am also a specialist in fertility and birth preparation.  My work as a psychotherapist helps enormously in my appreciating what is going on for each of the women (and men) that I work with, it allows me to look behind the obvious and get an understanding of how their personality and belief impacts on their situation, be it fertility problems, or concerns about birth or parenting.  It also allows me to use their language in helping them find positive ways of dealing with things that may appear to be challenging to them.

Becoming a parent can be the most wonderful, empowering, fulfilling thing in a person’s life.  It can also be the most challenging, frustrating, humbling of experiences.  Usually it is a mixture of both!  My firm belief is that we, as women have an innate knowledge, wisdom and understanding of our children but that is being undermined at the moment by the surfeit of ‘experts’, always at hand, always telling how we should be, and how we can do things better! We are each the world expert at ourselves, and our lives and have much more knowledge and awareness than we acknowledge or give ourselves credit for – it is my life’s work to help people feel empowered.