The coolest baby products are the ones that solve the problems that drive us crazy or help our little bundles stay safe. While new baby gear continues to hit the market every day, here are 10 innovative baby products that are worth looking out for!

Top 10 Innovative Baby Products for 2016

1. Milk Monster

innovative baby products

With parents always seeking ways to make feeding time that little bit easier; the cute Milk Monster offers peace of mind for mums and dads to ensure that breast or formula milk is still safe and nutritional, with an innovative milk timer that has caught the eye of the judges at the BPA. Available for pre-sales from website at promotional price mid July.

RRP £17.99

2. BabyHub SleepSpace

innovative baby products

BabyHub SleepSpace (6kg) is the only travel cot that comes with a mosquito net cover which can be safely used even for standing babies. It can be reused as a play tepee, with its cotton tepee cover – a plain white canvas ready for your child’s own designs.

RRP £184.99

3. BreathableBaby

innovative baby products

BreathableBaby – the safer alternative to traditional bedding. The original Cot Liner is a 100% breathable wrap that fits along the bars of a cot/cot bed to allow airflow into baby’s sleeping space which reduce the risk of overheating. The range also includes crib liners which protect against bumps and bruises if baby startles awake, swaddle wraps and breathable, adorable toys.

4. Babycup

innovative baby products

Babycup – the little cups for little people to encourage open cup sipping. These multi award winning cups are recommended by health professionals and are popular with parents. The small size mean little hands can easily hold them and they are a perfect fit to baby’s mouth. Although suitable for weaning, Babycup can also be used for infants with feeding issues.

RRP £5.82 plus VAT for a pack of 4

5. Shnuggle Bath

innovative baby products

Shnuggle Bath is a brilliantly designed bath intended to grow with baby. Innovative ‘Bum Bump’ keeps an infant securely in place and a soft backrest allows baby to recline at the perfect angle without slipping. Once baby can sit, the bum bump keeps them safely in the tub leaving parents with both hands free to enjoy bathtime with their little one!

RRP £19.99

6. Litecup

innovative baby products

Litecup – the only non-spill sippy cup that lights up! Invented by a parent (an Industrial Designer) who wanted a better cup for his kids and a good night’s sleep! Litecup has an integrated night-light designed to support independent mess free drinking for your child – day or night!

RRP £8.99

7. Snuza Hero MD

innovative baby products

The Snuza Hero MD is the World’s first portable breathing monitor to launch in Europe. Simply clips onto baby’s nappy to monitor abdominal movement while baby sleeps. If no movement is detected within 15 seconds, the unit gives baby a little tickle to rouse. If no further movement, a loud audible alarm sounds to alert parents. No cables or wires required.


8. Super Squish

innovative baby products

Kids love this versatile and familiar shaped pouch that helps to make your real food squishy and fun to eat from day one! It’s YOUR food, made YOUR way, on-the-go in a reusable food pouch that is strong, freezer and dishwasher safe, easy to use and clean.

RRP £9.99 (5 pack)

9. Babytrim

innovative baby products
Babytrim. The SAFE alternative to scissors. The perfect tool for trimming fine baby hair and tidying those wispy strands! Looks like a comb but contains blades safely contained within the teeth – a fixed blade and a moving blade operated by the trigger on the handle. A MUST for every nursery.

RRP £19.99

10. The Splash About UV All-in-One Sun/Eczema Suit

innovative baby products

Splash About’s UV All-in-One Sun/Eczema Suit is a must-have travel item for babies with sensitive skin. This range of Lyrca suits are specifically designed without rough seems or materials that could catch on irritated skin. They’re ideal for keeping barrier creams in place while providing UPF50+ sun protection.

RRP £22.99

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