Essex Baby Review

TotsBots are currently the UK’s leading reusable nappy brand, but does their performance match their reputation?


TotsBots offer two types of reusable nappies, one is the Easyfit All-in-One and the other is the Bamboozle stretch Two-part System. Both are available in a variety of colours, although the All-in-One offers the greatest choice.

Reviewer’s Opinion

The Easyfit All-in-One is definitely dad’s favourite as it is quick and easy to put on, and there is no need to assemble the nappy before use. The Bamboozle stretch Two-part System takes a little more work as it needs to be put together before you put it on baby, but it does offer a better absorption capacity.

Both come with a stretchy, Velcro fastening which has plenty leeway when it comes to different size babies.

The All-in-One is a good day wear nappy as it is not too bulky in comparison to some other makes on the market, although if you have a very wet baby, you may find this nappy leaks. They dry quite quickly, around 22-24 hours in a fairly cool house.

The company suggests that the same size 2 nappy can be used from newborn to toddler as they have poppers which allow the nappy to be very easily expanded. Personally I found the size 2 too bulky for my newborn, so I used size 1 for the first three months then I moved onto the size 2 once my baby was a bit bigger.

The Verdict

Both types of nappy fitted my baby quite well – I have only encountered leaking when I have been a bit greedy on how long I left them on for.

The Two-part System is better for overnight use or if you have a very wet baby as it is a thicker nappy and also you can add a booster to the nappy which absorbs even more. The downside to this is that the nappy is that it’s a little bulky and also takes a few more hours to dry than the All-in-One.

TotsBots are reasonably good value retailing at around £10 – £12 per nappy. Taking this into account, Essex Baby rate these reusable nappies as a 4 out of 5.

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