As all parents of young children know, silence isn’t always golden – it can mean big trouble. Especially if there is a bucket of white paint involved…

One Colorado mum was left horrified after allowing her two-year-old daughter, Anistyn, to play downstairs while she nursed her baby son.

Victoria Farmer was disturbed by how “scary quiet” her toddler seem to be as she listened from upstairs.

Placing the little one in his cot, the concerned mum went to investigate, but she was totally unprepared for what would find.

In her absence, little Anistyn had found a bucket of white paint in the living room and had decided to put it to good use.

white paint

This photo of Anistyn’s dip in the paint bucket went viral after it appeared on The Ellen Show. The look of the little girl’s face says it all.

Discussing the experience on Facebook, Victoria commented: “It looks like she just climbed right in and went for a swim. Cleaning her was the easy part. Cleaning it off the fireplace before it set in was the scary part.”

“Plus, it’s a discontinued paint on the fireplace and our house is going on the market in a week so the timing was pretty incredible,” she added.