Baby massage is a beautiful experience that can be shared between you and your baby, providing an ideal opportunity for bonding and quality time together. Basking Babies, who offer relaxed and informal baby massage courses across Essex, explain exactly what you can expect from a typical baby massage class:

Baby massage is a wonderful opportunity for parents to learn how to massage their babies. During a Basking Babies Baby Massage class you would learn a routine of a series of specifically designed massage moves, encompassing both Swedish and Indian massage techniques as well as reflexology. Research has shown that baby massage can be highly beneficial for both parent and baby.

Our classes are purposefully created to nurture both the new parents and the baby. We do our very best to create a ‘home from home’ environment, relaxed & friendly atmosphere and informal but informative tuition at each of our venues throughout Essex.

Our group classes are also an ideal opportunity for parents to meet other likeminded people in the same area – in fact a number of our clients tell us that they have formed long lasting friendships from our classes.

Basking Babies clients therefore have a thoroughly enjoyable, informative and beneficial experience during the designated class time, but should leave with the confidence to take the skills away with them to enjoy on an ongoing basis in the comfort of their own home.

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At what age can we start?

Babies can be massaged immediately from birth; in fact this is ideal so that they can gain the many benefits of baby massage. This is why at Basking Babies we welcome parents and babies into our baby massage classes from birth up until they are active crawlers. We also encourage parents to continue to massage their babies beyond the crawling stage in order to keep reaping the benefits of baby massage. We therefore provide advice on how to adapt the massage techniques learned during the course as baby grows and develops.

What my child will do?

During our Basking Babies classes we encourage parents to let their baby do exactly as they please. This means that your baby may sleep, require a nappy change or a feed at any point during the class and this is of course perfectly normal. We believe it is very important for babies to have a positive experience of massage, it is therefore best to meet any of baby’s needs before trying to massage them. It doesn’t matter at all if baby has not participated fully in the massage routine being taught in class time, (in fact sometimes babies decide to sleep through the whole session!) because this provides the parent an opportunity to enjoy relaxing with that much needed hot drink and cake and watch the routine being taught. We also provide hand-outs of the routines so that parents have a reminder of the routine to hand so that they can enjoy baby massage at home when their baby is ready for a massage.

More often than not, however, your baby will have a massage during class time. We teach parents to use the same cue to let babies know that they are being offered a massage. When baby becomes familiar with this signal they often respond with their own response that makes it obvious they would like a massage, such as cooing. This lovely communication between parent and child frequently continues throughout the whole massage, whether through eye contact, smiling, vocalisations or even giggling. Sometimes babies even take the opportunity for a bit of social time and start ‘chatting’ to the parent or baby next to them.

After the massage it is quite usual for babies to be very relaxed and a bit thirsty and hungry. They often then fall asleep and clients tell us that they make the most of the sleep that they have after baby massage class as it is usually the longest day time sleep of the week!

How will my baby benefit?

There are so many benefits to baby massage. One of the benefits that we, as instructors, get to see with our clients very frequently is how effective massage can be to alleviate wind, congestion and colic.

Research has also shown that massage can help to:

– Soothe and relax baby
– Settle baby and promote longer sleep
– Enhance physical development
– Stimulate brain development
– Promote weight gain
– Improve immune system
– Enhance bonding

We explain during our classes how it is that baby massage causes these benefits, we also talk through the specific benefits of each move that we teach making sure that parents are fully informed. We believe that if parents know and understand how truly amazing the benefits of massage can be they are more likely to be inspired to massage their babies, and every baby deserves the wonderful experience of massage.

 What do I need?

One of the many lovely things about baby massage is that you don’t really need anything to be able to enjoy it with your baby – you just need yourselves and a touch of quality time. There are, however, a couple of very simple things that make the experience even better.

It is good to have a blanket or a towel for your baby to lie on to ensure that they are warm and comfortable. It is also advisable to use oil to massage with so that the massage moves glide nicely over baby’s skin which makes it feel great, but also, if you use the right oil, the oil itself can be beneficial for baby’s skin.

In our Basking Babies classes we provide an organic baby massage oil to each of our clients that is naturally high in vitamin E so it is nutritious for baby’s skin.


At Basking Babies we offer a range of courses across a number of areas in Essex. The group courses we provide in Brentwood, Chelmsford, Eastwood, Epping, Harlow, Leigh-on-sea, Ongar and Rayleigh are:

– Baby Massage Course (4 weeks, 90 min sessions, £50)
– Baby Massage for Dads (one 90 min session, £20 per family)
– More Massage (weekly baby massage for regulars, 45min sessions, £5 per week)

We also have a specific, highly effective, baby massage routine that we frequently teach parents in the early days after baby has been born in the comfort of their own home.

– Colic Alleviation & Prevention (one off session, £30 per hour)

We can also offer any of our group courses on a 1-2-1 basis in the comfort of your own home.

If you are interested in booking a course to reap the benefits of baby massage, or if you would like any further information, then please take a look at our website to find the contact details of your nearest instructor

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