Every year we see hundreds of products designed to make parents’ lives easier. Whether it’s shaving time off everyday tasks or helping to solve age-old parenting problems, there’s plenty of gear and gadgets making us glad we live in the 21st Century. With some serious innovation going on in the baby industry, we’ve put together 10 of our favourite parenting products for 2018:

MAM 2in1 Single Breast Pump

The new MAM 2in1 pump offers a more flexible solution for expressing milk. No need to choose between electric or manual pumping; this breast pump allows you to do both! The electric pump setting has stimulation and expression modes to mimic baby’s natural sucking.

Parenting Products for 2018

There are also 9 different suction strengths and touchscreen technology to make it easy and comfortable to use. The pump can be plugged in or used in any location thanks to the rechargeable battery which lasts for 5 hours!



Kidunk Protective Play Clothes

Kidunk – the new multi award winning, hard wearing play clothes inspired by 30 years of childcare. 100% breathable, water and stain resistant with an invisible layer of Teflon™, providing protection for all types of play stuffs. Worn instead of, or over everyday clothes!

Parenting Products for 2018

Uniquely, the garment has a zip at the waist to connect the top and bottom forming an incredibly protective suit, but both can be worn separately too! Toilet trips couldn’t be easier! The ‘All Seasons’ version keeps them warm and dry with excellent shower protection and the new lightweight summer version with zip off arms and legs launches this summer.

Garments from £19.99


Shnuggle Squishy Changing Mat

Making change time stress free, comfortable and fun. The Squishy Changing Mat is perfect for cosy nappy changes as well as a comfy place for tummy-time and baby massage.

Parenting Products for 2018

The foam material is waterproof and warm against baby’s skin while its slightly elevated head end helps with reflux as well as directing ‘little accidents’ away from baby.  The stylish design fits most changing stations or can be used on its own.



Doona Wheeled Car Seat

Developed in conjunction with medical experts, Doona is the world’s first car seat with integrated wheels. In less than ten seconds, you can be out of your car with your little one and on your way. How’s that for the gift of time?  It would be a total God-send on those quick trips to the shops or during the school run.

Parenting Products for 2018

Doona is a Group 0+ car seat that’s suitable from birth to 13kg. It’s been tested and certified for use as an infant car seat, a stroller and a reclined cradle, too.



Grohush Baby Calmer

From the makers of the best-selling Grobags, this handheld white noise machine is less annoying and far more practical than turning on the vacuum cleaner or hairdryer. The sound is directional, which means when it is held to baby’s ear only they are able to hear the sounds.

Parenting Products for 2018

Quiet enough not to cause any harm to baby’s hearing, it’s so light and portable it can easily be taken everywhere with you. You can also choose from three calming sounds: mother’s heartbeat, rain on a tin roof, or ocean waves.



Rockit Rocker

Got a baby who loves to fall asleep in a moving pushchair? This could be just the gadget for you. The Rockit will keep rocking so you don’t have to! Created to help parents on the go, this handy must-have accessory keeps babies moving even when you need to go hands-free. Simply attaches to your pram or pushchair with a universal bracket. Then you just push the button and the device will produce a vibration that’s like pushing your baby down a smooth street.

Parenting Products for 2018

Adjust the vibration to the speed that your baby prefers. You’ll then be able to make a sandwich, play with your older child at the park, or shop without having to always be on the move. Used on the lowest setting, the Rockit will run for up to 60 hours on one set of batteries. It also has a quiet motor, so you can use it indoors without disturbing a sleeping baby or anyone else!



Happy Mama Labour Gown

A comfortable alternative to a standard nightgown or baggy t-shirt, this labour gown can be used before, during and after giving birth. With a flattering empire waist, the tie closures that can be adjusted as your belly expands. During labour, the popper fastenings at the back of the gown make it easy to take off in a hurry.

Parenting Products for 2018

The poppers at the shoulders are designed to give you easy access for skin to skin contact with your new baby and breastfeeding. It’s available in 7 different colours.


Tranquilo Soothing Mat

Fussy and colicky baby? Tired from hours of rocking, pacing and patting? The Tranquilo vibrating mat is designed to soothe a crying baby by mimicking the sounds and motions of the womb. Although it may not the magic bullet that some of the reviews say it is, the vibration and white noise definitely provides a distraction from the full-throttle crying. And for many babies, this is enough to send them off to sleep.

Parenting Products for 2018

Usable anywhere, the mat comes in two size – a large one for cribs, playmats, etc., and a smaller one for pushchairs and inside baby carriers/slings. Currently only on sale in the USA, but the company will ship to the UK.

From $84.99 (about £59.00)


Beaba BabyMilk Second

A bottle warmer combined with a steriliser. The Beaba BabyMilk heats bottles in less than 2 mins and small jars in less than 5 mins. It can be used with plastic, silicone or glass bottles – you just need to follow the instruction leaflet which will tell you how long it takes to heat each bottle material and size.

Parenting Products for 2018

It’s big enough to sterilise one bottle at a time, and the double lining in the top part of the bell-lid helps to minimise the risk of burns.



PacaPod Portland Bag

Designed to be more dad-friendly than other changing bags, this messenger bag has a very clever 3-in-1 ‘pod’ system to help you stay organised. The changer pod has space for baby’s nappies, wipes, and includes a padded changing mat with fleece headrest. The feeder pod has storage space for bottle, bibs and food. The third pod is large enough to hold extra items for mum and dad, including enough space for a laptop.

Parenting Products for 2018

The bag is wipe-clean and insulated. There is also a detachable insulated cover for drinks. It can hold up to 4 bottles and keep food warm for up to 3 hours.



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Parenting Products for 2018