A 27-year-old first-time mum from Cardiff has given birth to a baby so big the midwives thought the scales were broken!

Baby Zack Nelms weighed in at an incredible 12lb – almost double the weight of an average newborn.

Mum Rhian James said: “The midwife took Zack off the scales and reset them and tried again but they still showed 12lb.

“I was in disbelief and so were the midwives.”

Rhian hadn’t been expecting a larger baby, even though dad Anthony, 28, is a strapping 6ft 6ins tall.

“No-one was expecting him to be so big,” she said. “When they measured me I was a normal size and they were expecting an average-sized baby.”

“As I was wheeled from the delivery suite to the ward people kept stopping me and saying they could not believe I had given birth naturally.

“Doctors and nurses came to visit from all over the hospital asking to see the 12lb baby.”

After initially finding it difficult to keep up with Zach’s appetite, Rhian couldn’t help but speculate about what it will be like to shop for him as he continues to grow.

“I am dreading the cost of shoes,” she joked, “because he already has huge big toes. Anthony has size 15 feet and struggles to get shoes to fit.”

The biggest baby born in Britain is currently thought to be George King, who was born naturally on 11 February 2013 at Gloucester Royal Infirmary, weighing an eye-watering 15lb 7oz.

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